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Magic Castles - “Ballad of the Golden Bird”

A generous abundance of nature and insects are captured for Minneapolis’ Magic Castles’ psychedelic pop track “Ballad of the Golden Bird”. The track is found off of their self-titled compilation LP/CD via A Recordings Ltd. (Video by Jon Carling)

(Source: hearinggold)


Chills all over. It’s hard to express into words how amazing this tune is (and it’s only a demo!) “Yours Until Tomorrow” by Carole King (composer: Gerry Goffin) is from her newest album, The Legendary Demos. This song has been covered by such notable artists as Gene Pitney, Vivian Reed, Cher, Florence Ballard (The Supremes), and Irma Thomas. But nothing can surely compare to this rare version… so great. Rock and roll!